30 day money back guarantee


Feature Unconfigured One Off1 Subscriber Bulk orders/
Cost Free of cost 200USD
per machine
10USD per month
per machine
Please contact Sales
for a quote
Automatically upgraded Web kiosk yes yes yes yes
Safer from malware yes yes yes yes
Homepage and any number of API features configured persistently yes yes yes
Private support yes yes yes
Management console for multiple machines yes yes yes
Extra filtering options yes
Lifetime support
Pre-pay for 1 year &
get 2 months free!

1Please read our terms and conditions, especially how one off purchases are bound to a machine and are non-transferable. Our pledge to support your hardware forever is unheard of in this industry!

System requirements

Webconverger is designed to be fool-proof and to run on almost any x86 PC machine.

You can run Webconverger temporarily alongside an existing operating system install by booting from a USB stick.