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WEBCONVERGER The #1 Opensource Web Kiosk

  • Perfect for tamper-proof up-to-date Web kiosks
  • Features locked down and controlled by a simple API
  • Fast to deploy, easy management console, highly secure, privacy conscious & fool-proof
  • Opensource, no vendor lock-in, malware-free & Firewall included
  • Free version and friendly commercial support
Webconverger in finance

Retail Banking

Webconverger's very first customer is a major Swiss bank. They like how Webconverger is by default locked down for customers to check their balances in their retail outlets. Webconverger secures the browser session by resetting the terminal when a customer is finished.

Webconverger in schools

Schools and Universities

Webconverger provides a clean session for students to research and collaborate online, access academic resources or locked down take examinations (computer-based assessments). Users cannot change the settings of the terminals using Webconverger.

Webconverger in a library

Libraries and Public Places

For public institutions on a budget, PC computers can be recycled because of Webconverger's low PC hardware requirements. Webconverger is fast and reliable.

Webconverger testimonials

We use Webconverger to run secure kiosks in our branches to allow customers to access our website and Online Banking applications. Webconverger works flawlessly and has saved us a ton of time in setup and support compared to other kiosk solutions we have used.

Hayes Parnell IV at Covenant Bank

Great product! I can't express how much time this has saved me

Jarad Fields, systems manager at S. C. State Federal Credit Union

I would put hand on heart and say that Webconverger is the most secure Kiosk on Linux.

Paul Craig, author of iKat

Installing and configuring Webconverger has proven to be surprisingly painless...we are extremely pleased with Webconverger and would not hesitate to use - or recommend it - again in the future

Eric Nail at BlueCross BlueShield

Webconverger is simply the best Kiosk

Sylvain Moinard at Port de Plaisance La Rochelle

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